Hat Choices

  Looking over the Pacific Ocean, thinking beyond all that body of crystal blue green water as the glowing sun begins to set. This allowing other parts of the world to wake up.
For which some will choice to wear a hat over others for the day. One can only wonder what type will he or she choose today. Being that every country pretty much has there own version of hats there folks like to wear in there home towns, I can surely say here in the USA, we have a broad selection of hats. On any given day, there’s not a chance you will go through it without seeing someone in a hat. Of course my favorite hat comes in many shapes, sizes and forms, such as, sun hats, baseball hats, cow boy hats. Although, since I have a love for hats, there are many hats across the world that intrigue my sense of imagination has to how a hat comes about and what one might have been thinking when he or she designed it. Leaving us to the adventures of more on hats to come!


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    I read your story and found it interesting and informational as well as the many different hats people wear is amazing to learn about the many different hats. Very good story to read.

    1. Jellybean Permalink

      Thanks Mr. Moran for visiting my site. Others opinions about my writing is welcomed good or bad.


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